Our Story

Over the course of a summer in California with my family, I went on a soul-searching mission. I pressed pause on my life. Every day my family and I surfed and spent time together, and we created a regular ritual of sharing tea. This wasn’t ordinary tea; it was matcha, a Japanese tea known for health and wellness benefits. I didn’t realize it then, but my daily tea time with my family was about to change everything.

Soon, I was developing a product line around my family’s ritual; we all loved the clean energy, antioxidants and mental clarity known as the matcha “calm alertness” experience. But the matcha tea took time to prep, required whisking and not all of us liked the bittersweet taste of green tea, so I set out to make it more accessible and fun.

As I dug deeper, I discovered matcha tea had a rich connection to ancient tea ceremonies. Inspired by these rituals, my family’s bonding time over tea became our matcha moments, our time to be spirited souls together.

That summer, MATCHAAH!® was born. Our mission is far more than growing another tea drink or tea company — it is a commitment to better being.

We compressed centuries of tea culture into these modern beverages to help you think better, play better and live better. We can’t wait for you to enjoy MATCHAAH!®, wherever you go.

Paul Henson, CEO, Matchaah, Inc.


Our mission is to bring “better being” to you and your life through one powerful, ancient superfood – matcha.

That’s why we named our company, MATCHAAH!®.

MATCHAAH!® is more than just a drink, it’s a lifestyle to think better, play better and live better. It changed our lives, it can change yours.

We celebrate the deep spirit and history of this great ancient tea, while 100% committed to be the leader in matcha tea innovation.

Our passion is to provide you with the best-tasting beverages to enjoy the functional and spiritual power of this great tea.

We’ve compressed centuries of tea culture into modern beverages that we hope you’ll love and fall in love with what we do.

MATCHAAH!® – Tea for better being!