Our Story

During a summer in southern California, I pushed pause on my busy life full of work and chasing what I thought was success and made a purposeful decision to take time with my family, surf, discover, reflect and connect.

I discovered matcha tea on a business trip after hearing of its incredible health benefits and the “calm alertness” it provided. I wanted something different from energy drinks and the caffeine from the coffee I used to propel me through long days and hectic travel schedules. I found a nearby natural foods store and purchased some matcha tea. Back at my hotel, I realized that I needed to “prepare” it, adding hot water and repeatedly whisking until it was ready. I didn’t have the tools or the time available. I brought it home and tried it there. I fell in love with the effects it had on me, but couldn’t always find the time in the morning to prepare a cup and certainly couldn’t in the afternoon when I needed a 2:00PM reboot.

As I began drinking matcha tea daily, I also began researching it more. I discovered the rich history, the delicate hand harvesting process and the centuries old traditions surrounding this tea. I wanted to share them with with my family, so every day we tried to make a “matcha moment”; a special time we shared together.

However, not all my family members enjoyed the taste like I did. And upcoming school and other activities would make it tough to share our “matcha moments”. I began experimenting with flavors and other recipes using matcha tea, so we could all continue to get its health benefits even while on the go. This ultimately changed the course of my life. MATCHAAH! was born. I became obsessed with finding convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of matcha tea and being able to share it with anyone, tea lover or not. This meant our “matcha moments” could continue. In fact, now we can have more of them and share them with more people. Like you.


Paul Henson, CEO, Matchaah, Inc.


Transcending tea. Honoring tradition. Matchaah, Inc. is committed to be the leader in developing great-tasting new matcha tea beverages for everyone. We’re constantly developing new beverages and convenient on-the-go mixes in unforgettable flavors and in formats that fit your lifestyle. All so you can enjoy the many benefits of matcha tea and create your own “MATCHAAH! Moments”. Whether you’re sitting on the beach, preparing for an important meeting, finishing up at the gym or just enjoying time with a friend, there’s a MATCHAAH!® for you. Even if you don’t like tea, you’ll love MATCHAAH!’s refreshing, invigorating and indulgent flavors. Every product we make uses premium, hand harvested, Japanese matcha tea and honors its centuries old traditions and virtues. Better your being with MATCHAAH!


Our mission is to bring matcha tea to the masses. Every day, we work to innovate and reimagine this ancient tea in exciting and delightful new ways, so you can experience the many celebrated health benefits of this wonderful superfood wherever you are.

Inspired by the spirit and the process of this ancient tea, we remain committed to using premium grade matcha tea from Japan. Honoring the rich history of “tea life”, that dates back centuries, we seek to better our being – mind, body and soul. This is more than a tea. Our products embody the spirit of the matcha tea life by combining the old and the new, known as wabi sabi, to embrace new experiences and find beauty in the imperfections of life. As no tea leaf is the same, no person is either and our culture reflects that. We will continue using Mother Earth’s natural ingredients in all of our products to bring you joy as you better your being.

We are great tasting beverages all made with natural ingredients and premium quality matcha tea. We keep matcha exciting, convenient and delicious. This is matcha tea reimagined.